Jhoanna Marissa @jmarissa
Willa Creative Agency was founded by Jhoanna Marissa in 2012. Jhoanna is a product designer and front-end developer with 8 years experience in website design and development. Willa was built off the foundation that sites should be equal parts FORM and FUNCTION; a site should look beautiful while also be optimized to perform at its highest ability. As Willa grew, the clients’ needs grew. Content Production was introduced to the list of services, and quickly thereafter, Branding and Packaging, which Jhoanna recruited Ashley Steen to spearhead.


Ashley Steen @av_steen

Ashley Steen, is a designer and brand strategist with 12 years of design experience working on large accounts such as BMW, Kevin Murphy, Sally Hansen, Toms Shoes, and more. Once Ashley joined as a partner with Jhoanna, Willa became a full service creative agency. They knew that if someone was looking to launch a thoughtful and stand-out brand or a product, Willa could bring it to life from idea to launch.


And together with their team

We are web designers, content creators and brand strategists based in Venice, CA. We work with brands at all stages of their business. Whether you are long established looking for a re-vamp, or just a concept waiting to make a splash in the marketplace, we are able to help build and grow your brand online. We take pride in truly being a full service agency.